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Traditional MBA Program

(Two-Year, 60-Credit)

This track is considered the best option for candidates who are earlier in their careers (e.g. two to three years of work experience) or more experienced candidates who may be interested in pivoting to a new industry or field.

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This program provides eleven core courses that examine the foundations of business (with our special twist on technology innovation and management) and allows students to take nine elective offerings.  Students may complete two areas of concentration in this program, or may select from across the different concentration offerings to design their own. It also allows time for an optional summer internship.  The internship option can be waived and the 60-credit program can be completed in four continuous semesters (15 months), since the summer at Lally is filled with available course offerings.

Career resources support and professional development workshops, Graduate Management Student Association, and activities organized by the Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship and the Center for Financial Studies help round out the program with additional opportunities. The Masters’ Scholars’ Research Program is available to qualified students.


Traditional MBA Program Highlights (Two-Year, 60-Credit)


Day and evening classes Monday through Friday, with Wednesdays reserved for non-curricular program activities.


Several options:

  • August (Year One) – May (Year Two), if summer internship (22 months)

  • August (Year One) – Dec (Year Two), four continuous semesters if no summer internship (17 months)

  • May (Year One) – August (Year Two) or August (Year One) – December (Year 2), if International Scholars Program elected (16 months).


60 credits


11 core courses, nine electives plus three professional development workshop series and career development series.

Academic Concentrations

One or two concentrations can be completed.


Study teams assigned in year one.  Core courses treated as cohort.  Electives open to all MBA and M.S. students.


Strongly advised, not guaranteed.

Work Profile

Still early in career (e.g. two to three years of work experience), or significant (five or more years of work experience) and desire for change from current industry/professional setting.

Program Features

Flexibility, wide choice of elective courses and concentration options. Study abroad option through International Scholars Program; student clubs and GMSA offer leadership opportunities; internship options built in. Professional development and career development workshop series. Masters’ Scholars Research Program available to qualified students.

Student Profile

Either a student who is early in his/her career and wants to develop deep expertise in one of the business disciplines, or a more seasoned professional who desires to shift careers and industry context.


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