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The last few years have been an exciting time for entrepreneurship on the Rensselaer campus. Strong and passionate minds have come together to form a cohesive force driving entrepreneurial growth among students and faculty alike. Together these minds have re-invigorated the Entrepreneurial Spirit at Rensselaer.  Great things are happening across the campus. 

The level of participation amongst the students, faculty and alumni in the various programs is growing by leaps and bounds. 

We recently videotaped four promising student entrepreneurs. The teams were asked to make a 5 minute presentation about their company and to make a formal “ask”. In some instances they are asking for assistance in others they need some cash.

EZ Coaching - Keith Williams '12

EZCoaching is an online platform where triathletes can go to receive fully customized training plans for swimming. Every item in a practice is completely scaled to meet that athlete’s unique ability. After each practice, an athlete gives feedback on his/her performance and their abilities are reassessed. This athlete’s next practice will reflect all of the individual advancements they have made. In addition to providing training plans for swimming, EZCoaching has all of the educational resources needed to educate an athlete in all aspect of swimming. This is done in the form of blogs, videos and articles posted on our website.  All of these tools and resources are available to our athletes at a very low monthly subscription fee. 



Pay With Me - Jacob Schonberger ‘13 and Kyle Brody ‘13

PayWithMe is an interactive social platform that simplifies group payments. By utilizing a live chat feed, groups can coordinate their events and break up the costs associated with the event. Once the costs are decided, group members can pay the organizer directly through the PayWithMe platform.  This solution becomes a seamless and enjoyable way to solve the often frustrating process of planning events among friends.








Vistex Composites - Jarron Kuppers and Casey Hoffman
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Vistex Coposites developed a patent-pending process for manufacturing advanced composite products that makes the current industry standard obsolete.  By using their proprietary computer modeling techniques, they specially design molds that sandwich a composite product to provide the conditions required for manufacturing.  The disruptive innovation will transform the rapidly growing composites market; a market that industry experts project to more than triple, to $25.8 billion, within the next 8 years. They are currently refining the production process for their fourth beta product, a kayak paddle, and are communicating with several companies about production opportunities. Composite manufacturers now have the option to make the exact same products, faster, cheaper, more efficiently, without waste and with lower capital investment.


Vulcan Technologies - Adam Brooks
Vulcan Technologies is centered on the development of a sophisticated prosthetic device that addresses issues preventing prosthetic devices being used as replacement limbs. The main product is a partial hand prosthetic system for people missing finger segments at varying levels and positions. Current finger prosthetic devices are heavy, expensive, unstable, and cannot offer realistic movement. The Vulcan system captures 95% of lost finger functionality, has a lower cost of goods, and better distributes the weight of the device. A greater weight distribution will also allow for a more comfortable fit and allow users to use the device less as a tool and more as a replacement system.




More StartUps

Fluescent - Ryan Maxfield, William Gathright and William Williams
Precisions Parkour Gloves are the first and only gloves in the world specifically engineered for Parkour and Freerunning.




Tumalow Energy Storage




Tumalow - William Gathright
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Tumalow makes software for energy storage equipment that determines the best technology and the optimal size.  We will then oversee the installation and maintenance of the equipment.  Facilities managers can be confident that they are getting the absolute best available technology for their individual business.



Entrepreneurship Continuum

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