Clubs & Organizations

Rensselaer has an extensive range of clubs and organizations to explore.  

The student union at Rensselaer is one of the few in the country that is truly run by elected students who manage an $8 million budget.  

Below are a few Lally specific clubs.

Clubs & Organizations

APICS Student Chapter

Student chapter of the Association for Operations Management, including Supply Chain Management. Meets concurrently with local chapter of the Capital region. 

Faculty Advisor: Professor T. Ravichandran

Buttonwood Club

Purpose is to help students develop a better understanding of the global economy and ongoing financial markets and to assist students with job hunting and career preparation by sharing experiences and giving suggestions. Annually the club organizes and sponsors a debate competition, a modeling competition, the Bloomberg Assessment Test, and access to preparation for the CFA exam. 

Faculty AdvisorProfessor Aparna Gupta

Confucius Business Club

If you are interested in China, join the Confucius Business Club to learn Mandarin, Chinese culture, and related opportunities in business. The Mandarin Club is an offering of the Confucius Business Club providing instruction in Mandarin Chinese.

Faculty Advisor: Professor Qiang Wu

Investment Research Challenge

The annual Investment Research Challenge is held each spring by the Center for Financial Studies (CFS) at the Lally School of Management, and is organized by the Rensselaer Student Managed Fund and the Buttonwood Club. The challenge aims to provide a platform for students who are interested in the investment field. Each team conducts in-depth research on a publicly traded company, prepares a written report on selected company, and then presents its findings to a panel of judges.

Faculty Advisor: Professor Aparna Gupta

Lally Management Student Association (LMSA)

The Lally Management Student Association (LMSA) improves the education, quality of life, and performance of students in the Lally School of Management. It follows three founding principles: cultivating social cohesiveness, service leadership, and success.

The organization provides a voice for students’ perspective at Lally. Students work with Lally School staff and faculty to provide a diverse assortment of extracurricular, career, networking, cultural, and community development opportunities for Lally graduate students. The group creates a culture of social inclusion and togetherness among Lally students and with Lally alumni by organizing social events, including a spring wine tasting event for alumni.

Faculty Advisor: Professor Chris Meyer

Staff Advisor: Lori Jancik 

Epsilon Delta Sigma Management Honor Society

Founded in 1948, the Rensselaer chapter of the Epsilon Delta Sigma Management Honor Society recognizes significant academic achievement in the Lally School of Management. The society offers opportunities to develop leadership skills through projects associated with the business community.

Epsilon Delta Sigma members work with Lally School faculty to assist with the educational progress and development of undergraduate management students and has supported the overall progression of the school. 

Why Join?

  • Tutoring—Society members provide academic assistance to Lally School students throughout the year.  
  • Executive Lectures—The honor society hosts lectures on campus with prominent members of the business community.
  • Corporate Field Trips—In past years, the society has participated in group trips to the corporate headquarters of various Fortune 500 companies.
  • Resume Book—All members are invited to submit their resumes for the EDS resume book, which is compiled biannually and distributed to recruiters on campus.


Students seeking membership must display the following:

  • Management major
  • GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Junior level standing
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities and the community
  • Leadership experience

Current members must display the following per semester:

  • Attend two meetings or seminars
  • Volunteer for two community service events

Applying To EDS

We are always seeking highly motivated students to join EDS. Invitations are emailed to qualifying business students annually. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the EDS Officers at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does EDS induct new members?
A: Spring semester.

Q: Are guests allowed at the induction dinner?
A: Guests may attend the induction dinner for a small fee. Most students choose not to invite a guest. 

Q: What organizations does EDS work with?
A: EDS works with the Heffner Alumni House to establish and maintain relationships with alumni and alumnae. The society also works with the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, Circle K, and Habitat for Humanity.

Q: What role does EDS play within the Lally School?
A: EDS acts as an ambassador for the Lally School within the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute community. It connects students with staff and administration.

Current Officers

  • President-Sydney Ruzicka
  • VP/Alumni Relations-Elena Smalline
  • Treasurer-Phil Nasrallah
  • Secretary-Sapna Raghavan 

Staff Advisor: Lori Jancik 

View Current and Past Members: PDF icon EDS Current and Past Members

View The EDS Constitution: PDF icon EDS Constitution

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

  • Students must rank in the upper seven percent of their junior class or upper 10 percent of their senior class.
  • Must also be recommended by a faculty member.

Staff Advisor: Lori Jancik 

Masters’ Scholars Research Program

Work with Lally faculty on their scholarly research projects, or help faculty in RPI’s School of Engineering, Science, or Architecture to cultivate commercial pathways for their research. 

Faculty Advisors: Professors Nishtha Langer and Clint Ballinger 

Ph.D. Student Support: Joseph Cabral

For more information, click here.

Women in Business Club (WIB)

WIB (Women In Business) is a student-run club open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Rensselaer. WIB provides a social networking platform for women to improve their professional, social, and personal skills. Club activities include networking opportunities, panel discussions, lectures, roundtable events, social outings, and more.

The following students were elected to serve as officers for the spring 2021 semester: 

  • President: Shivani Patel
  • Vice President: Krisia Flores Gonzalez
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Karen Wu
  • Events Coordinator: Radhika Khurana
  • Marketing Director: Angela Fu

Staff Advisor: Maggie Wright

Faculty Advisor: Shan Yu