M.S. Programs

Nine-months, full-time.
Designed to broaden career options.

Lally full-time M.S. programs are designed to enhance learning and create career paths for students seeking to broaden their career options in the areas of business analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, management, or supply chain management.

Businesses that know how to analyze and apply data outperform their competitors by up to 20 percent.  Why, then do so few companies draw powerful insights from their data?  The answer is simple - lack of in-house talent.

As global financial markets become more complex and interdependent, the importance of 'quants,' or managers who know how to use quantitative models to make sense of them, is growing.

Supply chains have become critical to global business, but their effective management has become highly technical and demanding.  Solutions leading to competitive advantage and customer satisfaction require individuals who are simultaneously analytical, flexible, quantitatively skilled, and globally aware.