Designed to assist students in understanding the opportunities and challenges of working within a startup or early stage company.

Students engage in short work assignments with selected student (and recent graduate) start-up teams, gaining firsthand experience in working with challenges typically faced by start-ups. In turn, participating student (or recent graduate) start-ups gains the help of top-notch students with complimentary skills to their team makeup while learning what it takes to onboard a new team member. 

Student startup (pre-revenue)

recent alumni startup


Any Rensselaer student with a minimum of one semester of coursework completed is eligible to be hired


Hourly wage

Up to $3,500 per hire with an equal match by the company


Up to 13 weeks


Five to 20 hours per week while a FT student or up to 40 hours per week on an off semester

Additional student requirements Meetings with Center staff


Startups Seeking Interns

Qualifications: Teams must be in the start-up phase, and ready to expose students to meaningful work in the world of entrepreneurship. 
If your company could benefit from this program, please contact the Severino Center Director at

FAQ - Hiring International Students

Students Seeking Internships

If this program is of interest to you, please contact the Center Director at to discuss the possibilities.