Women in Entrepreneurship

New networks and better access.

The Severino Center’s “Women in Entrepreneurship” programs encompass several initiatives designed to communicate the unique experiences of successful women entrepreneurs and to encourage and support entrepreneurial initiatives among women of all ages.

Herman Family Fellowship for Women in Entrepreneurship

Established by Michael ’62 and Karen Herman to advance the interests of women in entrepreneurship, The Herman Family Fellowship for Women in Entrepreneurship is awarded to women enrolled in Rensselaer’s Lally School MBA program.

The fellowship supports women in pursuing their entrepreneurial interests with a tuition scholarship. Recipients also join the Herman Family Fellows, a network of professional women entrepreneurs, and have an opportunity to participate in yearly reunions with the Herman Family. Read more (PDF).

2014 Herman Family Fellow

Past Fellows include:

1996 - 1998 Ms. Elena Quiroz
1997 - 1999 Ms. Mary-Hrachoo Boghosian
1998 - 2000 Ms. Suzanne Callander & Ms. Raona Roy
1999 - 2001 Ms. Carla Chiaro
2000 - 2002 Ms. Renee Rosen Rey
2001 - 2003 Ms. Elizabeth Doran
2002 - 2004 Ms. Elizabeth Allerton
2003 - 2005 Ms. Azmat Ahmad
2004 - 2006 Ms. Jennifer Sins
2005 - 2007 Ms. Heather Johnston
2006 - 2008 Ms. Suzanne Delaney
2007 - 2009 Ms. Cara Jones
2008 - 2010 Ms. Sarah DiNovo
2009 - 2011 Ms. Maile Victoria Kruse
2010 - 2012 Ms. Sandy Johnson
2011 - 2013 Ms. Cathy Wheelock
2012 - 2014 Ms. Virginia Lai
2013 - 2015 Ms. Kimberly Cupicha
2014 - 2016 Ms. Nika Ogievetsky
2015 - 2016 Ms. Andrea Scott
2016 - 2017 Ms. De Andra Salley

Symposium Series

Women In Entrepreneurship sponsors a symposium series to encourage women to pursue careers and entrepreneurial ventures in science and technology by presenting role models in specific fields.

At the events, distinguished high school women from across the country are honored with the Kathleen M. Severino Future Leader Award in recognition of their academic excellence and leadership interest in science and technology. The symposium’s focus is driven by the experiences of many of the award recipients.

Past topics include: