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Centers of Excellence

From our hallways to the real world.

At Lally, we believe in taking your educational experience beyond the classroom and harnessing the power of application of industry and research to the marketplace. Through our Centers of Excellence, we help you transform your business ideas or hone your financial industry skills from our hallways to the real world. 


SCTE is dedicated to helping students with their innovations, including finding resources for commercializing their ideas. Here you will find valuable opportunities to network with experienced entrepreneurs.

The Center for Financial Studies (CFS) strives to foster highest-quality research and learning in the fields of financial engineering, risk management, corporate finance, financial intermediation, and capital markets. 

The Center for Supply Networks and Analytics is a newly formed center of excellence dedicated to research and education in the fields of supply chain management and business analytics. 

This initiative addresses the challenges of managing the uncharted ethical and moral dilemmas that spring directly from emerging technologies.