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M.V. Shyam Kumar

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Associate Professor, Director of the MBA Program (Troy, N.Y.)

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore; B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Professor Kumar studies firms’ strategic choices using both organizational economic and behavioral lenses. Within the broad domain of strategy he has published research on a variety of topics including corporate diversification, alliances, acquisitions, corporate social responsibility, and the financing of innovation. His current research explores themes such as the interplay between financial markets and strategy, corporate venture capital, and models of entrepreneurial firms. Professor Kumar’s work has appeared in various leading journals including Academy of Management Proceedings, Business and Society, Computational and Mathematical Organizational Theory, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Cultural Economics, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and Managerial and Decision Economics. He has also published book chapters in leading volumes, including Advances in Strategic Management, and Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions.
Professor Kumar’s industry experience is in the steel industry where he worked in the area of strategy and international business with the Tata Iron and Steel Co., India’s blue chip corporate. He has also consulted with the New York Press Association, which has given him first had insight experience into the dynamics of disruption in a highly competitive industry.  
Professor Kumar has won wide recognition for his teaching, including being selected as the Outstanding Professor by the Master’s graduating class at Rensselaer in 2011, 2012, and 2013.  He has previously been nominated the Zicklin fellow, and his dissertation research was sponsored by the prestigious Richard Irwin award. He currently serves as an editorial review board member at the Strategic Management Journal. 

Select Scholarly Works

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  • Francis, B., Harper, P., and Kumar, M.V.S. The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Bank Loans. Forthcoming, Business and Society.

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