M.S. in Quantitative Finance and Risk Analytics

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As global financial markets become more complex and interdependent, the importance of ‘quants,’ or managers who know how to use quantitative models to make sense of them, is growing. Learn more from this message from Aparna Gupta, Associate Professor, Quantitative Finance:

The Lally School’s M.S. in Quantitative Finance & Risk Analytics (QFRA), a Top 30 best national quant programs according to the 2018 QuantNet rankings, provides you a deep understanding of the cutting-edge theory and advanced analytical techniques required to establish your career in this dynamic and highly rewarding industry.

As a member of the QFRA program you will study emerging practices, conduct empirical research and construct computational models, and have the opportunity to customize your knowledge with a concentration in quantitative finance, risk analytics, or a generalist track. QFRA students also receive mentoring from ongoing interaction with a highly engaged advisory board of executives in the quantitative finance and risk analytics professions

*Also check out the QFRA informational white papers below for program updates, expert opinions, topic exploration, and industry insights.     

Succeed with a career as a financial analyst, credit risk specialist, financial controller, quantitative risk analyst, private equity analyst, modeling expert, finance portfolio manager, commercial and investment banking consultant, among others.

Curriculum & Courses

Students with a finance or technical undergraduate background take 30 credits while others take an additional six credits in mathematics and statistics.  Concentrations include: General, Quantitative Finance or Financial Risk Analysis. 


Course Descriptions

Class Hours

QFRA Informational White Papers

Gain additional knowledge of this field with QFRA informational white papers listed below for program updates, expert opinions, topic exploration, and industry insights.


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