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Graduate Programs

Can one more year of study change your life?

A specialized master’s degree or MBA from the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer can be the difference between a typical career and a career lived as a transformative agent of change.

As a student at the Lally School, you will have the opportunity to directly engage with big data using powerful computing resources, interface with leading scientists, engineers, architects, artists, and entrepreneurs, and apply the latest academic research to real-world problems under the guidance of a stellar faculty.

If you are about to graduate from college with a degree in science, engineering, computing, math, or another technical field, or you have been working for a couple of years and are ready to get “unstuck,” we invite you to learn more and apply to the Lally School today.


The Lally School MBA is designed to help you become a leader for a fast-changing future. Our core program fits into a single intense year, and we have introduced new electives that offer more direct contact with leading scientists and engineers.

Over the last decade, the Lally School has developed groundbreaking nine-month graduate programs in business analytics, supply chain management, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship, quantitative finance and risk analytics, and management.

Find your path to success with a dual graduate degree program that maximizes your time and abilities, and prepares you for today's business marketplace.