B.S. in Business Analytics

Learn to analyze and use data to make impactful business decisions.

Meet the biggest challenge of 21st-century businesses with a bachelor’s degree in business analytics from a world-class technological research university. Business analytics executives on the Lally School Advisory Boards expressed that they could hire graduates with either quantitative or business skills, but that they had great difficulty finding candidates with both skillsets.

The Lally School business analytics program responds to this challenge by transforming students into analytical experts who can organize and think critically about data in order to improve and grow businesses. The program curriculum combines core business subjects with a challenging array of math and computer science courses in order to equip students with the quantitative skills needed to be effective business leaders.  

Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business analytics will enter the workforce ready to make meaningful contributions, with a solid education in business combined with direct experience working with complex datasets, powerful computing and visualization resources, and real-world applications.

Curriculum and Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The bachelor’s degree in business analytics prepares students for:

  • Careers in cutting-edge areas such as product and data analytics, financial modeling, quantitative marketing, and supply chain analytics.
  • Graduate studies in data science, quantitative finance, and other related fields.