Bridge the invention skills of engineering with the innovation skills of business. 

Rensselaer EngMBA program engages engineering students early in their undergraduate studies and introduces them to a variety of business principles. In just five years, students earn a Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering discipline and an MBA from the Rensselaer Lally School of Management - a powerful combination to successfully lead, manage, and start companies who compete on the basis of technological advantage.
If you have been accepted by our Engineering School, you qualify for the program.  
To learn more about this opportunity, attend an information session or simply email us at EngMBA@rpi.edu.
During the first three years, students take courses within a chosen engineering discipline. Additionally, students will benefit from leadership and management seminars, networking events, and co-curricular programs through Lally. In their fourth year, students take an equal mix of engineering and MBA courses. And in the fifth year, students focus fully on the MBA program.
Intertwined with the EngMBA curriculum, students can participate in summer internships or semester co-ops with technological, business, or entrepreneurial flavor.
To complement the EngMBA's  substantial influence on their companies and the market, their earnings escalate over their careers more quickly than most engineering professions alone.  The chart below shows the growth in salaries over a twenty-year career for professionals with various combinations of bachelor's and master's degrees.  The EngMBA is clearly at a lifetime earning advantage. 

*This analysis was compiled from data available at Payscale.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Entrance Requirements

If you have been accepted by our Engineering School, you qualify for the program. To learn more about this opportunity, complete this inquiry form and we’ll contact you, or simply email us at EngMBA@rpi.edu

In the beginning of the second semester of your junior year, you will complete an application for entrance into the Graduate school, which will be reviewed by a committee.  If you have maintained a 3.0 GPA and attended the pre-MBA seminars throughout your previous semesters, you will be accepted into the Graduate School and can begin your MBA studies in the Fall of your fourth year. 

When to Apply

Students can apply to EngMBA through the end of their freshman year. After that, students may apply for the Lally MBA through the co-terminal program, or apply through Lally Graduate Admissions at LallyMBA@rpi.edu.

Program Features

Special seminars, workshops, events, and co-curricular activities (e.g., student-run team projects, field trips) build students' awareness of business issues.  Fellow students in the program are among the highest caliber at Rensselaer. Additionally, the EngMBA program allows for students to complete the two degrees in less time than other routes.

Advising Process

Once you express interest and have been interviewed, an advisor in the School of Engineering will contact you to develop your plan of study. An advisor in Lally will also be assigned to ensure you are aware of and attending the Lally seminars and other required events and are staying on track for the MBA.


You must complete at least one internship/co-op within your undergraduate degree field.



EngMBA students will have slightly higher but achievable workloads than their colleagues, as the course load can be up to 19 credits in a given semester during their junior year. Graduate MBA classes are intermingled with undergraduate engineering classes in the fourth year, and MBA courses are exclusively taken during the fifth year.