Admissions FAQs

Our holistic admission process considers many factors, so we encourage you to submit all application components on time for careful consideration.


Application Process

Where can I find your application requirements? How can I gauge if I am a competitive applicant for admission?

All students applying to MBA/M.S. programs can find the comprehensive list of application requirements at the Graduate Admissions website. Competitive applicants will have a GPA above 3.0, a GMAT score of 600 or a GRE score of 156/146/4.0. Please note, however, that these are not minimum requirements, as all applications are reviewed holistically. Our MBA/M.S. Admissions team welcomes the opportunity to answer your enrollment questions, and can be contacted at (518) 276-6565 or

Do you require an interview as part of your admissions process?

Interviews are extended by invitation only.  

Can I apply to more than one program?

Applicants to Rensselaer may only apply to one graduate program per enrollment cycle.

If I am accepted to one program, may I transfer at a later date to a different program?

Our review process is catered for each individual program, so we recommend that you apply for your first-choice program from the beginning. Once a decision has been made on your application, you cannot transfer your acceptance to a different program.

Does Rensselaer offer an English language program or conditional admission?

At this time, Rensselaer does not offer an English language program and requires all application materials to be submitted to guarantee admissions consideration.

On what conditions will you waive application components?

To ensure the quality of our incoming class, application component waivers are rarely granted. All application components, outlined here, must be submitted prior to consideration by the admissions committee. Only international applicants who have studied in the U.S. for at least 2 years who are graduating in May or June are considered for a TOEFL waiver. Please refer to Rensselaer's detailed TOEFL requirement here.

If I am accepted, may I defer my start date to a different semester?

Rensselaer does not postpone/defer admission for graduate study to a later term; please keep in mind that we only offer fall start dates at this time.  For more information about how to reapply for a later term, please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

What Lally programs are STEM designated fields?

  • M.S. in Quantitative Finance and Risk Analytics
  • M.S. in Business Analytics
  • M.S. in Supply Chain Management

Financial Aid & Scholarships

What are the tuition and fees?

Tuition costs and fees can be found here.  Please note that the MBA program is one or two additional semesters, so the total cost displayed should be multiplied by 1.5 or 2 (45-credit vs. 60-credit option).

Do you offer scholarships? Do they require a separate application process?

We offer financial aid (in the form of scholarships) to a select number of MBA/M.S. applicants based on merit and all applicants are automatically considered.  Scholarship recipients are typically notified shortly after their admissions decision is released. Limited fellowships are also available: one is for students whose emphasis is in manufacturing; the Herman Fellowship is for women with an interest in entrepreneurship. We support veterans through the Yellow Ribbon program and the GI Bill.

Where can I find information about outside funding, including private scholarships and/or loans?

The Office of Financial Aid at Rensselaer provides a variety of helpful links for outside scholarships and loans. MBA & M.S. students who are not awarded a scholarship are encouraged to seek out alternative funding options if financial assistance is necessary; Rensselaer does not offer a student loan program.


Do you have spring/summer start dates or part-time programs?

At this time, all Lally MBA/M.S. programs start in the fall. We do offer part-time programs - for more information, click here.

What is the difference between an M.S. degree and an MBA? Do you require work experience?

The M.S. programs are two semesters (30 credits), and are designed to enhance your learning in a specific area of knowledge. Work experience is preferred, but not required, for all Lally M.S. programs.  We offer five M.S. options:

These options to specialize are also available in the MBA program. The MBA program offers a broad education in business fundamentals, in addition to a specific focus, allowing for a diverse and comprehensive educational program. A variety of student services are available to our MBA/M.S. students, and, as a result, their degree from the Lally School enables exceptional career potential.  

Are there opportunities to collaborate or participate in research with other departments on campus?

Yes! Invitation to participate in the Lally Masters' Scholars Research Program (MSRP) is offered to our most selective admitted students. Please visit the Masters' Scholars Research Program Page for more information.

What are the score reporting codes I will need?

GMAT Score Reporting New Codes:

  • MBA: Q69-LM-28
  • M.S. Degrees: Q69-LM-56

GRE and TOEFL Reporting Code: 2757

What are the job placement statistics for my program?

Visit our Graduate Job Statistics Placement page here for more information.